Brotherhood of Vietnam Veterans

The Veterans Hour

The Veterans Hour

The Veterans Hour

The  Veterans HourWhat is BVV?

Arms are crossed to form a "human seat" used in combat to help wounded comrades off the field of battle. They are once more helping each other in a spirit of Brotherly Love.

The Brotherhood of Vietnam Veterans was founded in spirit on the battlefields of Hue and Khe Sanh, in the steaming jungles of the Ia Drang Valley, north of Da Nang on National Route 1, in the Mekong Delta south of Saigon, in a thousand other places whose names they never knew, where they fought for their lives, for America, but ultimately, they fought for each other.

Thus the Brotherhood of Vietnam Veterans was founded, a Brotherhood which surpasses any other. Loyalty to country, loyalty to their beliefs and loyalty to each other.

The Brotherhood of Vietnam Veterans, Inc. is a non-profit ( 501 (c) (19) ) veterans health and service organization, founded in September 1980, in Austin, Texas. Originally, the "Brotherhood" was started by a Vietnam combat veteran, his wife, the widow of a Vietnam Veteran and a retired Sergeant Major. From these humble beginnings, the organization has grown to a group with nationwide membership and influence.

The BVV was the first Vietnam Veterans group to effect state legislation providing direct aid to Texas Vietnam Veterans exposed to Agent Orange. The BVV aided in passing the Texas State Veterans Land Program. The BVV worked in Washington D.C. on passage of the "Atomic Vets-Agent Orange Act".

The BVV performs daily acts of direct aid to Vietnam Veterans, from visits to the VA hospitals to clothing and food drives for needy veterans.

Although we are proud of what we have accomplished, we are very aware of the many problems that still exist for Vietnam Vets and ask your support so that these problems can be addressed.